Each of our perspective of a scene, a subject or anything that is visible, is different in most of the cases. The perspective can be as simple as that of a child and as complicated as that of a painter. To capture all these permanently, we need a photograph and to click a photograph, we need a photographer. A good photographer knows the art of capturing one’s perspective and represents in the best way possible. We all have cameras and we all click photos, but that doesn’t exactly make us a photographer. So, where should someone start if he/she wants to start as a photographer and follow the path?

Know Your Terminology

If you are going to use a camera, you should atleast be familiar with the terminology of the device. Make yourself comfortable with the exposure triangle- Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and learn how the variables work in different situations like, in low light, in night time and in other scenarios.

Know Your Calling

Of course you want to be a photographer. But the question arises.. what type??
Photography is an art which has no boundaries. It doesn’t have boundaries, but you gotta start somewhere. Right? Decide what type of photography peaks your interest, landscape, wildlife, fashion, etc. You have endless options to choose from and that is the reason why you should be sure about the path you are going to follow further. Carefully decide the type of photography you want to do and proceed with it.

Make Yourself Familiar With Your Gears

Once you are ready to start, get only the most essential gears like the camera and the lens. That’s it. No need to buy extra gears. Work with these and then at a later stage, you can experiment with other gears. If you have the budget, you can get the tripod as well to attain more stability in your shots. Now, go out with your gears and try to work with the parameters practically. Start with the basics and start clicking different subjects that you can easily find around you.

And last but not the least, practice.

Practice, Practice and Practice!!

Even if you know your basics, practicing and experimenting are the only things through which you can attain perfection. Try to take as many shots that you can take and in different situations.

Experiment with your surroundings and compare the result each time to analyze and know where you missed.

Happy Clicking! 🙂

~Sulekha Sonal

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