People always keep telling 10 things to do this, 5 things how to do this, 15 things why to do this..
But nobody really wonders about what not to do?

Don’t worry, here we are to tell you what not to do with your camera while using it and also while not using it.

Don’t shoot one-handed

No matter what, never hold your camera with one-hand. Develop the habit of always using the camera with two-hands. This is better not only for your camera but also for your photo. Holding the camera with two hands gives it better stability, thus better chances of getting a sharp photograph. Holding it with two hands also means less chances of any mishaps.

Don’t leave out the caps

We don’t ever keep our food in the open without a lid. Right? Similarly, don’t ever leave the camera and its lenses without their caps. Leaving out the caps means you are allowing dust and other particles to damage your valuable assets. Always remember to put the front and rear caps of your lenses and the body cap of your camera if no lens is attached to it.

Don’t ever leave the camera in the car

Without the windows open, your car is a closed cabinet, which when kept in sunlight becomes warm like a sauna and when in cold, becomes cool like an icebox and of course you wouldn’t want to risk your expensive camera by leaving at a place like it. The camera’s sensors are sensitive to temperature changes and may malfunction when kept in extreme temperatures. So, if you need to leave the car for a longer duration, don’t ever leave your camera behind.

Don’t use your shirt as a cleaning cloth

Your shirt is not meant to be used on an optical device. Rather than cleaning the lens, there are chances that it might make the lens dirtier. Using your shirt may even create scratch on the lenses, thus, causing an irreparable damage to the lens. For your camera, your lenses are everything, so, don’t forget to carry the cleaning cloth in your camera kit.

Don’t remove the memory card while the camera is on

Even if you have finished shooting with your camera, the camera is still functioning and writing your data into the card. Keep an eye on the status light, if it’s still blinking that means the camera is accessing the card and the process is still not finished. Don’t ever remove the card while the status light is still blinking. As a precautionary step, remove the memory card only after switching off your device, once all the processes are finished.

These are very general things to keep in one’s mind but at times, as humans, we tend to forget few things. Try not to miss the minute steps if you want to keep your gears safe and sound.

Happy Clicking! 🙂

~Sulekha Sonal

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