In the earlier articles, it is witnessed how a camera works and how it can be used to create a perfect frame, a perfect composition, perfect lighting for that one picture.
Well, while all these geek-talk is about how to get a perfect picture but what about knowing the emotion in spaces of the frame? 

What are positive and negative spaces? 

The two elements of photography are vital because of the emotions they carry. 
Positive space is the main focus of the photo, treat it like the protagonist. 
Negative space is considered the background, or the remaining area of the picture.

A basic example is this picture, the bulb makes the positive space since it is in focus and the black part is the negative space. 

What are Negative Spaces? 

It gives a definition, a meaning emphasising the main subject of a picture. 

It automatically attracts the eye of the viewer providing a “breathing space” and preventing the eye to get confused with the picture. It makes an image look clean and uncluttered. 

Why is it more important? 

For a well-balanced shot, adjust the composition while framing the picture until the subject and background space feels accurate against one another.


Some photos have more negative space (eg. blank background with one or two subjects), making them comparatively empty. Others are filled with positive space, resulting in a crowded composition (eg. market place or streets).

Positive and negative space are two of the most crucial tools at your disposal as a creator. They express the emotional feel of a photo, which is more important than anything else.

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