Work fills up a large part of your life. Doing a work that pays you good money may earn you enough cash to live a lavish life. But doing what you love may earn you a lifetime happiness.

Kshitij Sheetak, an enthusiastic filmmaker and photographer has been working in the field of film-making and photography for more than a decade. With his 10+ years of experience in the field, he has contributed a lot in the process of movie-making, from pre-production to post-production of many major projects. He has proven his skill through his amazing work on a number of diversified projects – corporate, documentaries, feature-films etc. He also specializes in travel filmmaking and has delivered some great work in the same.

As we all know, knowledge is power only when it is shared, so to impart the know-hows of the field, Kshitij also runs “SHOOTGURU”. It was started as a community in 2017 and is now a family of more than 79 thousand people. “Shoot Guru” like any guru promises to teach, nurture, hand-hold, be a partner in fun and provide a strong platform to showcase the work and stories from both sides of the lens.


It offers Basic to Advanced courses in “FILMMAKING AND PHOTOGRAPHY” that includes Comprehensive Knowledge of Filmmaking. This eight-week course comprises everything from learning the Basics of Camera, Photography to learning the business-side of Film and Photography. Students can join the course for 100% practical exposure in different areas of filmmaking namely, Travel, Corporate and many more. Students also get the opportunity to have an insight on specialised photography verticals like Product, Fashion, etc. They also experience outdoor and studio shoots with the professionals having decades of experience. During the course, students get to try their hands on different equipment- from gimbals to drones to 360-degree view camera. The different equipment include Sony A6300, Sony A7S, GoPro Hero 6, Canon C100, DJI Mavic, DJI Spark, Zhiyun Tech Crane Plus, Zhiyun Tech Evolution and many other professional gears.

With #shootguruacademy students can learn the intricacies of filmmaking and get to implement the knowledge practically in an actual trip. This module prepares you to to brainstorm the production of your own short-film and create cinematic wonders. For any filmmaker it is essential to be familiar with all the know-hows of the field. This includes the art of Low Budget Filmmaking. as well. Here at Shoot Guru, we make sure that you are industry-ready and able to slay the world with your skills and talent.

Shoot Guru with over 79 thousand followers is now permanently established on Instagram (www.instagram/shootguru/). It was started in 2017 and has been bridging the gap between the professional and budding filmmakers ever since.

And what’s more? Shoot Guru conducts regular competitions and giveaways to encourage budding photographers and filmmakers and motivate them through the emerging power of Instagram.
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~Sulekha Sonal

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