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Sennheiser Lavalier Mic

The most important part of the production is sound. The quality of sound makes or breaks the production. If your sound is not right, the whole or value of production goes down.

Sennheiser AVX MKE2 Lavalier Mic is the perfect digital wireless microphone. It is compact and allows you to record amazing high quality sound on the field. Addition of this mic to your kit will really take your production notches up ahead!

Portkeys LH5S Touch Screen Monitor

Field monitors come in different sizes, prices and features. From monitors that can record onboard by using SSDs to monitors that can be used in very bright sunlight and that are very pocket friendly and fit into any budget.

Portkeys LH5S monitor is a 5 inch multi touch screen monitor with full HD resolution and 4K HDMI input/output. The best part of this monitor is the color profile. It is one of the most essential piece of gear to that helps you to evaluate and compose your frames in a better way.

Sirui P204S Monopod

Sirui P204S Monopod is a high quality aluminium monopod with 360 degree rotation for panning and panoramas. Along with the reversible head, it also has improved stability and fine movement control.

Ideal in changeable light situations or for supporting heavy gear for long times, SIRUI PS-Series monopods are an essential tool in your kit bag.

Panasonic Lumix G7

Lumix G7 is more than just an entry level camera. The size and built of the camera is quite rugged and big. It has lot of customizable options and you can customize the buttons to suit your needs.

It even has time lapse options built into the camera. You can set the amount of photos to be taken and the interval through the interface and the camera will automatically record a time lapse. The Lumix cameras are based on Leica technology and hence, the glass and the mechanics of the lenses has the backbone of Leica.

Panasonic Lumix G85

Lumix G85 camera comes with a lot of unique features and allows you to shoot in those tricky situations where the screen is not at your eye level.

For the travellers, the nature-lovers and people who are always on the run-and-gun, this camera comes with a 5-axis stabilization which allows you to get those shake free images and videos.

Insta360 Nano

This device turns your iPhone into a 360 degree camera. It is so compact that it fits right into your pocket. It even has expandable memory and has in-built rechargeable battery which can be charged your micro USB cable.

Once you plug it in, the app for Insta 360 opens automatically and once it’s open, it gives you live preview of what it is currently seeing. It gives really nicely composed pictures in 360 spherical.

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