Line Production

  • We make arrangements for travel and lodging for your cast and crew members.
  • We make arrangements for location scouting and recce including providing you the location pictures well in advance for your approval with the best location managers to provide assistance and necessary information to you.
  • We obtain the necessary government and other permissions required to shoot and pay the fee involved on your behalf to ensure you have a hassle free shoot.
  • We tie up with top notch service providers such as caterers, transporters, security services, etc to make sure that you have a comfortable and smooth shooting experience.
  • We arrange for you state of the art film equipment such as Red one, epic, scarlet, dragon, helium cameras, Arri cameras, jimmy jib, film lights, vanity vans etc at most reasonable prices.
  • We make available to you the best possible technical and local crew for hire to pull off you shoot with ease.
  • We post audition/casting calls for you online and make arrangements for auditions.

Aerial film and Photography

  • 4K Aerial Filming
  • Aerial Photography
  • Qualified Pilots
  • Safe, Reliable Approach
  • Experienced Cameraman & Photographer
  • Stunning, Stable, 4K and HD Video
  • High Resolution Aerial Photography
  • We can shoot from a few cm to 126m high
  • Affordable, Competitive Rates
  • Video and Photo Editing/Enhancement
  • Full Aerial Video Production Service

Video Production Services

  • End to end production
  • State of the art equipment
  • Shooting high-resolution 4K – 8K Footage
  • Pre Production – Conceptualisation, Scripting, Story Boarding
  • In-House Equipment
  • Experienced Crew„


  • 30+ years of combined experience in filmmaking & photography
  • Experts in reducing production costs
  • Production Design
  • Post Production Design
  • Cast management
  •  Gear reviews and recommendations
  • Free consultation for Indie filmmakers and upcoming photographers
  • Free Career Guidance