Today almost everyone carries a DSLR irrespective of whether he is a photographer or not. But not everyone actually uses the device to its full potential. Handling the manual settings and to be able to capture the best of what you see is very important. But in what format are you saving the picture is also equally important.

Shooting RAW or JPEG is one of the biggest dilemma that every photographer faces. For some, shooting in RAW is their topmost priority but there are some for whom shooting in JPEG is their primary concern. So, let’s dig in and find out what difference does the formats bring to the picture.


RAW is the uncompressed and unprocessed format of the image. It looks flat and a bit dark as compared to the JPEG format but captures more detail using the camera’s sensor. The RAW image format always needs to be processed to be able to highlight actual details of the image captured. Different softwares are available in the market to process the image like Adobe Lightroom using which you can enhance your image according to your own choice. Set the highlights, shadows, saturation and other factors in your image and compare the before and after of the image, you’ll definitely notice a difference!!


Talking of the JPEG format, it is the final processed image. It is the format which normally people use who are not much into post processing. This format shows the optimal colors and brightness and gives you a ready image which can be viewed without any processing. It is easier and convenient as you can even use it directly after taking the shot. It is ofcourse a bit compressed format compared to RAW but if you have a time-constraint then this is the format you need to go for.

If you are still confused with what format you should choose, you can always shoot in RAW+JPEG first and then decide after properly analyzing the results.

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~ Sulekha Sonal

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