Night photography can be done any time between dusk and dawn. When the darkness sets in, the nature elements become less prominent. Thus, reducing the background noise in the picture and allowing us to bring the subject into more focus. During this time, the range of colours can vary greatly. But if you have the right tool and the right knowledge.. You can create masterpieces!

When it is dark enough, you are effectively working with a blank canvas and even with just an inkling of light in the sky, you can end up taking a mesmerizing picture with relatively blue evening sky.

Let’s dig into what more could be created and captured during the night photography.

Night Time Portraits

If you are shooting night time portrait pictures you will need a lens that has a fast wide aperture along with image stabilization.

Additionally, for portraitures you need a medium tele lens.. something in the range of 85 mm if you are on a full frame camera. If you are on crop, you would need something like a 50 mm atleast, or preferably a 24-70 mm shooting at around 60 mm.

Night Sky

Night Sky

For shooting night time sky, image stabilization is not that important since, you would be using a tripod. What you would actually need is, a way to capture a larger slice of the night sky. Therefore, a wide angle lens is a must.

Night Sky with its reflection

For capturing the sky, most importantly you need to be at a place where the sky elements are clearly visible. Someplace away from the city, away from the extra lights like mountain areas are best for capturing night sky. Presence of lake will bring on the reflection of the sky which will add to the aura of the night sky. Try to find such elements and capture a unique image of your imagination.

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