Pros and Cons of a Mobile Phone Photography

Technology has taken photography to a whole new phase; photography currently is more accessible than it ever has been. Within a span of a century, photography equipment has become better, efficient and smaller – some of them can be carried in your pockets. In this Digital photography age, it’s possible to shoot anything and share it immediately with others. Phone Cameras are becoming better and better every time. There are tons of apps right on your phone that make photos look way better. So where exactly is this going? Can phones completely replace professional cameras?

Let’s have a look:

Pros of a Phone camera

  • The biggest advantage a phone can offer is it’s lightweight and compact. You can easily carry it anywhere you want to.
  • The images are instantly usable, as soon as you click a photo on a phone, it can be immediately edited and shared.
  • It is user friendly to people who do not possess technical photography knowledge. You can create a time-lapse or a Slow motion video without really worrying about the technical aspects of it.
  • Phones with Dual cameras can create an amazing background blur bokeh, similar to DSLRs.
  • Another great advantage is that most phones today can shoot a great 4K quality footage. So you can achieve it without really spending too much.
  • There are plenty of apps like VSCO and Snapseed that make on the go editing possible with great results.

Mobile Phone Photography

Cons of a Phone camera

  • No matter how many Megapixels a phone offers, the sensor size and the image quality of DSLRs will always be superior.
  • It is limited to a certain focal length, so absolutely non usable for wildlife and sports photography.
  • Most phones produce terrible low light results, this is because of smaller sensor size.
  • It is not professional, images produced may not be as “high quality” as clients might want. There are certain lighting conditions where a quality photo is almost impossible.

No matter what you shoot with, technology can not replace your skills.

~By Akshit Sanghavi

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