From the top of the mountains, to the depth of the seas,

From the crowd of the cities, to the calmness of the beach,

That’s what Malaysia offers!!

Located in the Southeast Asia surrounded by waters on all sides,

Malaysia is truly a go-to destination for every traveller.

And from the photographer’s perspective, it’s a wide canvas of painting.

Malaysia is a really beautiful place to film, travel, discover and to feel alive.The amazing skyline from the 86th floor of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur offers such a mesmerizing view. The feeling of finally reaching Hindu shrines after climbing steep flight of 272 steps in the Batu Caves is still as fresh as the time when we actually ascended the path.

During the journey having DJI Phantom 2 drone along with GoPro Hero4 and DJI Osmo was like a cherry on top of the cake. With the use of drone a number of amazing breathtaking aerial shots were captured during the travel. Through the aerial shots, Twin Towers can be seen silhouetted against the beautiful black sky and the intricacies of the impressive Ottoman and Malay architectural style of Federal Territory Mosque is clearly visible. The low-angle shots of the Oldest Hindu Temple in Kuala Lumpur and various hyper lapses really bring out the mesmerizing view of Malaysia. Although the outcome of each shot was amazingly beautiful but the Block-Shot of the Fountain Show at night is really one of the highlights of the travel.

No matter how many countries a traveller goes to,

there will always be some unexplored beauty that he needs to capture in his memories.

The beaches, the forests and the turquoise waters,

though we explored all, but still some unexplored beauty remains.

Malaysia – Truly Asia!

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