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Are you planning to buy a new camera? Or upgrading your old one? And you still don’t have the budgets to buy the high end professional ones? So what do you do?

There are many options available in the market and you have to choose one that lasts you much longer than your previous one did. Or it makes you enough money so that you can buy a better one next time. Well, Panasonic has launched something that will really interest you. The LUMIX G85!

When Panasonic invited us for the launch of the Lumix G85, I was a little skeptical to move towards a micro four-thirds family. But when I saw the specs on this baby, everything changed. This is the true game-changer in the market.

In India, the camera comes with a 14-42 variolens.

This little beast here is actually what I call a prosumer camera. This will help you transition from an amateur to a professional in case you are not going for those more expensive cameras.

It comes with a 16 megapixel, four-third sensor without a Low Pass Filter. Essentially, it gives you much sharper images. The camera has a very amazing form factor. With a micro four-third sensor, it is small and yet, gives you a full DSLR feel. It has a nice grip and of course, the technology gives you much smaller lenses, hence, making it lighter. It comes with a weather sealed body so that you can actually shoot in bad weather conditions.

This camera comes with a lot of unique features and some that will help you make those amazing videos or getting those amazing pictures. One of these is the time-lapse and the stop-motion ability. You can set the duration of the time-lapse that you want, the number of images and the intervals. It gives you some amazing and beautiful time-lapses with the professional bells and whistles it needs. The camera comes with a three inch fully articulated touchscreen LCD. This actually allows you to shoot in those tricky situations where the screen is not at your eye level. It comes with a 2.36 million dot OLED EVF, giving you those real images what your camera is actually seeing. So when you are shooting in situations where the image on the LCD is not visible clearly, you can move to the EVF to get those perfect colours and lighting.

For the travellers, the nature-lovers and people who are always on the run-and-gun, this camera comes with a 5-axis stabilization. The camera allows you to get those shake-free images and videos in situations where usually it would be very hard.

Another unique feature as an add-on to why this camera is the king of the prosumer cameras, according to me, is the 4k capability. It shoots some really amazing, sharp images and videos at 4k giving you a shooting options of 24 and 30 fps. The 4k video capability of the camera makes this the king of the prosumer market. It not only gives you high quality images but also enables you to shoot very high quality video. At 24 and 30 fps, it allows you to get sharper video quality and that cinematic look that you are always looking for.

This is a feature that I would highly recommend to users that only have a one camera unit. This will allow you to actually zoom into the same frame in post production.

Another amazing feature of the camera is the 4k photo. What the camera actually does is, it shoots a short video in 4k at 30 fps and then, it allows you to select the frame that you want to save as an image.

The most unique features that I’ve actually seen in this camera and have not seen anywhere else are the focus-stacking and the post-focus features. Well, what the camera actually allows you to do is to select the focus point after you’ve clicked an image. The focus stacking feature is something that is very useful when you really want to keep your foreground and background in focus. So, in your frame you can actually click multiple with keeping the focus at different points using the touchscreen.

The Panasonic Lumix cameras are based on Leica technology. Hence, the glass and the mechanics of the lenses has the backbone of Leica. The quality is exquisite and worth every penny. There is a huge range of micro four-third lenses in the Lumix universe.

So for all the users out there, this is the best package that will actually not burn your bank. It is at the borderline of a professional camera and much above than the amateur ones. With all the bells and whistles in this camera, you can definitely have an edge over your competition. For all the travellers and film-makers out there, this could be your best companion that you would carry to all your shoots. So if you are planning to upgrade or buy a new one with enough budget, the Panasonic Lumix G85 is your best option.

Reviewed by Kshitij Sheetak

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