With the summer season in, as a photographer you sure have to look for and consider the factor of harsh light. To our rescue, elements like ND filters and Polarizers exist to help us control the exposure in an image, reduce glare from reflected surfaces and block the extra light from entering the lens.


N-D Filters

Haida specializes in optical glass filters majorly used for photography. It has reasonably priced high quality filters and holders that are perfectly crafted and delivers the best performance. The performance of their ND and Polarizing filters is definitely to look out for.

ND Filter

The Haida PROII-S MC Variable ND filter (77m) varies from ND2 (1 stop) to ND400 (9 stops). These have no effect on color and ensures no vignette. Multi-coated for optical clarity, these knock down the extra light and prevents ghosting on the camera’s sensor.

Use of Neutral-Density Filter

This filter is ideal for wide-angle lenses because of its super slim design and perfect high quality aluminium structure. Variable ND filter is more useful. In this, you can increase/decrease the ND effect just by rotating the ring after placing the filter on the lens.

Haida NanoPro Series 100mm Neutral Density filter is another very well thought out and well designed filter. The speciality of this ND 3.0 (1000x) filter is its solid stop exposure. This allows the photographer to experiment with a wider aperture and slower shutter speed than usually required.

Polarizing Filter

Another tool in their amazing product line is the NanoPro CPL Filters (Circular Polarizing Filter) designed for 100-PRO Filter Holder. For those who are new, the polarizer is basically used for removing the reflections, reducing haze and optimizing the effect of scattered and bouncing light. The Haida filters have nano-coating on both sides of the filters and is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Since this is a circular polarizer, it has a layer called “Quarter-Wave Plate”. This layer lies behind the linear polarizing filter that repolarizes the polarized light before it enters the lens.

The filter holder from Haida perfectly accommodates the NanoPro CPL and provide us with enough freedom for the movement of CPL behind it. With Bayonet Fitting, it is easy to place the filter on the place you want it to be. And as a bonus, these CPL filters have gripped knob which makes it easier to adjust it as and when needed.

The series of these Haida filters can really transform the way you capture your images. And by bringing in the true colors of the nature-elements, it definitely brings more life to your click!!


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