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Shoot Guru is a hangout for photography and film-making enthusiasts and professionals alike! Shoot Guru, like any guru, promises to teach, nurture, hand-hold, be a partner in fun and a strong platform to showcase work, people and stories from both sides of the lens!

The Founder

Kshitij Sheetak, an enthusiastic filmmaker and photographer has been working in the field of film-making and photography for more than a decade. With his 10+ years of experience in the field, he has contributed a lot in the process of movie-making, from pre-production to post-production of many major projects. He has proven his skill through his amazing work on a number of diversified projects ranging from corporate films and documentaries to feature films. He also specialises in travel filmmaking and has delivered some great work in the same field.

Course Offerings

Courses at Shoot Guru are carefully handcrafted to give its students a practical exposure to filmmaking and photography. The Academy offers a rich multitude of programs and short courses for students of all ages and experience, from intensive two-week workshops to 12 weeks of programs. In creating the curriculum that makes up our film & photography school, we worked directly with filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, photographers and many more to foster an environment that promotes success at every level. Our students receive not just an education, but a set of experiences that give them the hands-on experience necessary to actually realize their goals as filmmakers & photographers.

Basics of Filmmaking

Topics: Terminology, Equipment, Samples, KRAs, Types of shots.
Duration: 2 weeks

Technicalities of Filmmaking & Photography

Topics: Camera types, Shooting on dslrs, Basic camera settings, Using support Equipment, Types & Uses of Lenses
Duration: 2 weeks

Advanced Camera Settings & Techniques

Topics: White balance, Sound, Focus pulling, Camera movement, HDR, Bracketing, Data management, File types, mp4 vs mov vs raw
Duration: 2 weeks

Advanced Shot Taking

Topics: Balancing Gimbals & using Drones
Duration: 2 weeks

Pre Production

Topics: Story, Script, Screenplay
Duration: 2 weeks


Topics: Shooting a shortfilm in 48 hours, Team work, Finding ur skills
Duration: 2 weeks

Post Production

Topics: Edit basics, Edit workflow, Working with FCP & Adobe Premier Pro, Data management in system, Basics of colour grading
Duration: 2 weeks


Topics: Creating a portfolio, Approaching clients, Costing
Duration: 2 weeks

The Filmmaking Course

The full course is an in depth practical training that will get u at par with the technicalities and also help u get experience.
Topics: Basics of Filmmaking, Technicals of filmmaking, Advanced camera, Advanced shot taking, Pre Production, Production Post, Production, Marketing
Duration: 12 weeks

Other Offerings

  • Photography 101
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Advanced Photography
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There are many roads to the world of filmmaking & photography and we make it our priority to give students the means to engage in every discipline related to the art and craft of visual storytelling. So Join today for a better tomorrow.