A lot of people often ask, “What gears should I buy to capture amazing pictures?”

So let me first make this clear to you that, it’s not the camera that creates great images but the perspective of the photographer.

Now, I’m sure you must be wondering why photographers have a hell lot of equipments with them, now that’s because a great shot can be created when you have the RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB. Better gears won’t make you a better photographer.

Ahead is the list of all the must haves for a beginner in the field of photography.

DON’T BUY these gears because you’re tired of working on your old equipment and think that these will help. The only thing that will help is learning and practicing.


Beginners should always start with an entry level DSLR. A lot of people won’t even need anything more than this. There is a wide range of choices available for every budget. You should upgrade your camera only when there are very specific features you need that your current camera doesn’t provide you with. There is not much difference in the basic cameras so you can buy any camera of your choice according to the specifications you need to work with.

PRIME LENS (35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Prime lens comes with a fixed focal length and they create a better depth of field. It also provides you with a better control over aperture and an outstanding low light performance. Now you are pretty much covered for everything you need for your photography.


A tripod is used during photography when you have to take time-lapse and light/star trails. Without a tripod you won’t be able to click pictures which require low shutter speed as the camera can’t be held stable enough with your hand. For whatever kind of photography you are thinking of, you will need a tripod at some point or another. So all you need is a lightweight tripod to get some amazing pictures clicked.

So that’s it for a beginners gear checklist, these equipments can save the day for you. Along with these equipments do not forget to carry other essentials like batteries, memory cards,lens cleaner, data cables, etc.


~Sulekha Sonal


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