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ShootGuru is a platform that aims at nurturing aspiring photography and filmmaking enthusiasts by providing them an adequate opportunity to showcase their work, talent and stories behind their lens. It aims to encourage artists to hone their skills with the use of professional cameras and setups. ShootGuru, like any Guru promises to teach and share its knowledge. To do so, #shootguruacademy organises offline courses at their Gurugram facility. During the course, students are given the opportunity to have on-field experience and are given proper guidance on how to operate and shoot using the professional equipment and gears ranging from gimbals, drones.. to 360-degree view camera. The different equipment includes Sony A6300, Sony A7S, GoPro Hero 6, Canon C100, DJI Mavic, DJI Spark, Zhiyun Tech Crane Plus, Zhiyun Tech Evolution and many other professional gears.

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